Cure me success.

I am leaking here, Come success cure my ailment, And satiate my much-not-desired thirst. Do me a favour success, Lend me a part of yours, So to yield quadruple of you. Your hegemony is a fairy tale, Listen, drown and sink, But still not forget to wave your hand above those misty mythical clouds. I […]

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Beautiful Day

A beautiful day holds for me, as I sit by the shimmery river. My soul wanders like a free bird, and it gloats over the river. Happy this day is! As I look at the white wall, With exquisite flowers of million colors creeping on it. The sun shines to bright, It blinds my jolly […]

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Why To Lament?

You shouldn’t stop, Because the sun is still shining bright. Why to cry over the pomp? When a day always comes after a night! Son, why do you Lament? When the ship ultimately reaches the haven. You shouldn’t be quiet! Speak up because you are above the plight. Why are you bounded in shackles? When […]

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Heal me in the Himalayas

I want to be healed, Amidst​ the Himalayas. I am in against of fire, Soothe and calm me down. The Kindle is burning, I need relief of the Himalayan ice. My hands quiver of anxiety, And my knees buckle of pain. Good Lord! See your child wailing, I know you will help. My soul wanders […]

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Nightmares in night travel

Night travels are always beautiful like self realisation. But do you think nightmares can be beautiful?? Nope but yes! They are the most welcoming aspects of this life!! You travel in night and find yourself to be in an eloquent trance where you smile and guffaw at your life by seeing the picturesque landscapes and […]

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